Posted by Keyur Thakore September 14, 2017

Be Greedy….For Happiness

Yes you read it right. If there is anything that you should be Greedy about then it should be HAPPINESS. But what is happiness? Can you buy Happiness? Can you increase your Happiness quotient? Can you increase happiness of others?
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Posted by Keyur Thakore August 16, 2017

Become a Baby! Curiosity never killed the baby…

Our previous article (Innovate or Die) may have aroused a need for further insights, so we decided on a follow up. How do we innovate? How do we re-invent and re-skill? Erm… day dreaming will help you do that! Bizarre! Read on…
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Posted by Keyur Thakore May 23, 2017

INNOVATE OR DIE – Industry | Academia | Individual | The Road Ahead…

With increasing pace of change - Organizations, Academia and Individuals are staring at challenges that were never seen before and/or which they could tackle over the course of a few years.
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Posted by Keyur Thakore December 11, 2016

Time to be an UN-EMPOWERING Leader!

Copious material has been written on Leadership and Leadership styles and am sure we all have read most of what's out there. So why read one more article on the subject? Well let me give you ONE Reason to read on: Starting today YOU will wish to be The Un-Empowering Leader!!!
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Posted by Keyur Thakore May 12, 2016

From Everything is Negotiable …TO THE ART OF POSSIBILITIES!!!

In my previous article I had mentioned that what if Donald Trump had used the words Art of Possibilities instead of Everything is Negotiable ....and today when I write this ....he has made the statement come true (so what if its the worst nightmare come true for the Republican establishment) - In his case what he has made possible comes by just repeating some of the same words and language at every stump speech across the US of A..."I love....", " ..... are good people", "____pay to build the wall" and on and on.
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Posted by Keyur Thakore March 13, 2016

@Everything Is Negotiable!!!

That is what we have been hearing from the Republican front runner Donald Trump at every it true that everything can be negotiated? Then why have we not been able to negotiate peace between the Korean neighbors or have lasting peace between Israel and Palestine...... and we see more conflict today than possibly ever before peace negotiators first started "negotiations".
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Posted by Keyur Thakore January 17, 2016

Sure you do not let Self Likes/Dislikes affect your decision making?

We do tend to believe that each one of us makes decisions based on merit and the need of the hour . So lets analyze your last 2 decisions - what were they?
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